Meet the Team

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Victor Jivanescu

My undergraduate years at Oxford studying philosophy, politics and economics, coupled with my work in strategy consulting in London have taught me much about the structure of the world we are living in and provided me a clear career and life path…. or so I thought.

The pursuit of success and a cognicentric approach to life did not allow me to heal my wounds and get to know myself. This was confirmed to me by a number of intense personal experiences through which I got in touch with profoundly awakening experiences.

These experiences led me away from my previous life and towards new adventures. I graduated from an MSc degree in Consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology, went on a number of extended spiritual journeys to Nepal, attended a tantra yoga teacher training and now I find myself on a humbling journey of inner healing and cleaning up to support my development.

My peak experiences shaped the path of my life and I fully acknowledge their importance in my journey. I also learned that the integration aspect is just as important and a proper integration and integral practice are of key importance in sustaining healthy and mature development.

In my personal life and together with Quantum Civilization, my mission is to share all the insights gained and empower individuals and communities with the tools to navigate development, healing and integration on an individual and collective level. 

Andrei Nutas

Since the moment I started school, I was severely disappointed with all that the system had to offer because of the lack of a unified understanding of reality. Disillusioned by the institution which I interpreted as a source of great knowledge, I looked towards the broader society for guidance. However, my culture had just escaped from the clutches of ideology and was still drifting in a catatonic state, a state which I too inherited.

I started drowning in a nihilistic state. I gave up on the world, considered it inherently defect, inherently lost, inherently meaningless and chose the hedonistic path as a means to at least get some momentary pleasure within what I at that time saw as a nonsensical reality.

After having gone through a series of intense experiences that brought me to realize the non-dual nature of reality, I grasped that for existence to have any value one needs to take upon oneself the burden of the world. As I’m aware that no one can carry such a heavy weight alone, I decided to create a platform that can educate and empower people, a platform that can lead anyone who is willing towards the realization of the non-dual.

As more people realize the nature of reality and realize that they need to take responsibility for the world around them, the energy directed towards the establishment of the transcendental will increase and together we will be able to create heaven on earth.

Ramona Todor


Coming from a background focused on theoretical frameworks and logic (Electrical Engineering), after a bumpy ride through disappointment and disillusionment, I started to question my choices. Soon enough, I found myself facing the roots of my existential anguishes. Integral theory models that cover all dimensions of the human experience – science and spirituality, technology and art, reason and emotion, mind and body – have been deeply inspiring on my transformational journey. 

I now find myself a passionate advocate of embodied, immanent, and relational approaches to life experiences. I use tools from my training in Philosophical Counseling (focusing on postmodern/feminist philosophy), Yoga (practicing a tantric approach to Yoga), and facilitating Conscious Circles (with a focus on Women’s Circles) to inspire and promote a sovereign, authentic, yet relational way of being, and an empowered yet vulnerable attitude in life.

Having spent most of my life torn between trying to fit in and rebelling against it, I’ve been questioning the ways in which the past – tradition, family, culture, opportunities – shape our identity in the present, and the ways in which deconstructing inherited beliefs and experiences brings to light new ways of being. I am cultivating an approach which explores the relationships between spiritual and secular, ancient and (post)modern, tradition and feminism, addiction and passion, freedom and sexuality, consciousness and embodiment.