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We founded Quantum Civilization because we felt so much segmentation in our lives. The disciplines that we studied came with insightful theories, but the different perspectives were oftentimes incoherent or dissatisfactory in explaining the external world and our individual lived experiences. 

Sciences and humanities, objective and subjective, spiritual and secular, mind and body, feminine and masculine, technology and art – society seems to encourage us to pick one and disidentify from the other. By doing this, we found ourselves torn, confused or depressed.

A big part of our inspiration came from integral theory, a perspective and practice which deconstructs the apparent gap between the different perspectives, seeing all dimensions as complementary to one another.

Our journey towards bridging this gap came with many challenges, and insights. A significant challenge has been finding individuals and communities with developed modern (scientific) and postmodern (pluralistic) values that were also connected to a form of spirituality or ancient wisdom, and not either one or the other. To achieve this, we learned that a conscious balance between cognitive models and embodied practices is important. Through this organisation, we aim to create a platform for like-minded individuals searching for this balance to connect and co-create a conscious, integral society.

Founding Quantum Civilization came as an expression of a positive coping and integration mechanism for our own powerful transformative experiences, serving as a way to show up and start healing the segmentation in ourselves and our society. 

We are a team of passionate, driven, adventurous and imperfect individuals with different life experiences (more on the Meet the Team). We are united by our disillusionment with the lack of conscious awareness in most of the activities we have been part of, ranging from our day-to-day life, to relationships, to academia or business.

Integral theory and practice has inspired all of us, yet at the same time we strive to honour diversity and individuality. In our approach, we draw on 21st century refined holistic approaches to physical, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, and spiritual development, some of which are inspired by ancient, traditional or indigenous practices such as Yoga and sharing circles.

Our mission is to present and promote integral theory and practice, and to co-create a platform for integrally oriented individuals to connect and work on projects together. We back up our work through our individual and collective research posted on our  Blog [add link] and engage in transdisciplinary talks, podcasts, debates and conferences.

Since we are committed to equal opportunities and supporting all individuals that have a motivation and passion for these goals and interests, we want to make all of our events and initiatives accessible to people from low income or other disadvantaged backgrounds through scholarships and donation-based events. If this appeals to you, apply here or donate here.  

Through the following, we want to put our mission into practice:

  • creating content (posts, podcasts, online courses) around our current research and interests aimed to encourage and promote our principles and an integral way of life
  • organising workshops, events and projects aimed to deliver on our mission
  • offering individual and group integral practice coaching
  • attending festivals to promote our work and offer experiential opportunities  
  • reaching out and finding interested collaborators, volunteers, partners and members
  • continuing our own journey of integral practice and sharing our own insights 
  • facilitating co-created spaces which encourage individuals to discover and deepen their integral practice,, balancing theoretical models and personal experience through vulnerability and authenticity

A self-empowering approach is cultivated in our projects, meaning that the people themselves are empowered to own and take the credit for their insights and growth. Our role is to facilitate and hold space by providing models, frameworks, and personal experience into play, while co-creating experiences, narratives and common objectives with the participants. 

We are aware that we have high hopes and ambitions and that such projects take time to unfold and manifest. Hence, we move towards our objectives every day through  our own individual practice and efforts, and on wider timeframes through the content that we create and the events that we organise. We aim to contribute to this through our passion for the human potential  as a long-term endeavour.